Fishing videos

Share or relive the moment, that's what motion photography allow us to do as they provide action and audio that a stills can't produce. More challenging than still photography, I try to capture those amazing fishing moments we sometimes witness on the water.

My videos have been featured in the following networks:
National Geographic Channel, American Heroes Fishing Challenge.
ABC, Sea Rescue - Twist of Fate
NBC Sports, False Albacore in Vineyard Sound
On The Water TV, The Blitz 2012

Fishing Films

Peanut Bunker Fly Tying - SF Blend - How to tie saltwater flies.

Learn how to tie the highly effective peanut bunker fly, whether you’re targeting
striped bass, bluefish, or offshore tunas, this pattern is a must have in your fly box.

Our top game fish on Long Island are striped bass, bluefish, false albacore and tuna. The following videos will give you an idea of the amazing fishery we have on the island. Please visit my YouTube Channel to view all my: Sergio Diaz Fishing YouTube

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